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For nearly 50 years, Southern Living has been a leading inspiration for the region, featuring ideas and happenings in the South. The Southern Living brand is synonymous with quality, integrity, and the character of the South.

Hampstead is thrilled to announce its selection as one of Southern Living magazine’s “Southern Living Inspired Communities.”

Captive Insurance Management’s headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama is a key centerpiece to the Hampstead Town Center.

This select group of neighborhoods throughout the country are marked by charm, taste, and vibrant community life that embodies a distinctive pride of place. They embrace the natural beauty of the Southern landscape, display the best of quality architecture, and contain environments that foster communal gatherings.

As a Southern Living Inspired Community, Hampstead will form an ongoing partnership with the nation’s eighth largest monthly, paid magazine. That means putting on joint events, helping to create content for the magazine’s nearly 20 million readers and even building a Southern Living model home.

An original town plan by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, Hampstead continues the tradition of community building and craftsmanship with its vibrancy and friendliness, elegant architecture, town center, neighborhood school, parks and preserves, boating, fishing, swimming, and much more.

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