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PLEASE NOTE: Our domain name has changed from captivesusa.com to arsenalrmi.com

MONTGOMERY, AL — July 17, 2015 — In response to the unique and diverse risk management offerings offered by Captive Insurance Management, the Company announced today a corporate name change to Arsenal Insurance Management (Arsenal).

Arsenal is nationally recognized as a superior risk manager due to several areas of expertise:

  • Heavily involved with statute and regulation changes in multiple jurisdictions
  • Provides broad education outreach to the insurance industry, captive and prospective captive owners, and to various insurance service providers.
  • Experienced and knowledgable in risk and establishes captives with wide diversity of coverages
  • Geographically diverse in domiciles served
  • Staffed with industry certified employees
  • Superior in customer satisfaction and accessibility

“Arsenal is a wonderful branding for our company due to the arsenal of tools our professionals provide to our customers,“ said Arsenal co-founder Norman Chandler. “Arsenal immediately communicates who were are,” said Arsenal co-founder Britt Taylor. Arsenal’s third co-founder, Johnny Johnson, said “we excited about the corporate name change.”

About Arsenal Insurance Management LLC

Arsenal was founded in 2006 as Captive Insurance Management. The company is nationally recognized as a leader in the captive industry. In 2014 and 2015, Arsenal earned nominations for Independent Captive Manager of the Year in the US Captive Service Awards organized by Captive Review magazine. Arsenal delivers broad customer solutions in risk management for captives, mutuals, RRGs, and other insurance entities.