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Montgomery, AL—Dr. Edward Pappanastos, Scholar-in-Residence with Arsenal and the Associate Chair of the Department of Risk Management and Data Analytics in Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business, received the 2020 Wallace D. Malone, Jr. Distinguished Faculty Award from Troy University.

Arsenal partnered with Dr. Pappanastos in January of 2020 in a collaboration designed to build scholarship, engagement, and opportunities for both Troy University and Arsenal.  Arsenal partners with Dr. Pappanastos on several strategic recruitment and educational initiatives throughout the year to cultivate current and prospective Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) students and increase awareness of the opportunities available in the Risk Management and Insurance industry, including the Alabama Captive Insurance Association’s Risky Business Internship Program.

“Dr. Ed Pappanastos has been instrumental in developing the Risky Business internship program, and we are excited to have him as an asset to the Arsenal team,” Arsenal CEO Norman Chandler said. “His extensive knowledge in the RMI industry and honorable reputation in the educational community made him the ideal person to bring in as a Scholar-in-Residence with Arsenal.”

According to Troy University, the Wallace D. Malone, Jr. Distinguished Faculty Award was established “to acknowledge those exceptional faculty members who, through meritorious and selfless service, transform vision into reality.”

Recipients of the Wallace D. Malone, Jr. Distinguished Faculty Award demonstrate command and knowledge of one’s subject area and discipline, and a mentoring philosophy in service. Recipients also display the ability to interact and communicate effectively with innovative ideas and visions and possess an exceptional work ethic.